Transform hours of work into minutes!

We will show you how to design interiors quickly and efficiently using Revit + Twinmotion with the MAPA Efficiency method.

From July 28th to August 4th | Online and free

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Few clicks, greats results!

Imagine having control over the executive interior detailing and extracting as many views as you want in minutes.


The beginning of the journey
what will you see?

Class 1. July 28 at 8 PM (Brazilian time)

The Time Machine:

The methood capable of transforming hours of work, into minutes!
Here begins your journey toward efficiency! In this class, you will see how it is possible to transform hours of work into minutes when designing with Revit and achieve incredible results using our method.

And there is nothing better than seeing it all in practice! So, we will open the Revit file live with the complete executive interior project from the images above and show you why Revit is so efficient for designing interiors.

In this class, you will also see how fantastic it is to work with renovation projects in Revit, where the build and demolish plans are generated automatically with just a few clicks.

Class 2. July 30 at 8 PM (Brazilian time)

The Fuel:

How to accelerate the journey to transform hours of work into minutes.

The essence of a good interior project lies in the details, therefore, when we return to Revit, we will focus on a very important part, which is the lighting project. We will show you how to insert light fixtures, and switches, and connect these two elements through a circuit.

Additionally, in this class, we will show you how to enhance your efficiency when designing with Twinmotion, a real-time rendering software capable of generating photorealistic images and immersive videos quickly and efficiently.

After this class, you will not doubt that Twinmotion is the ideal software to transform your model built in Revit into an engaging experience.

Class 3. August 1 at 8 PM (Brazilian time)


The way to transform hours of work into minutes.

In this class, we will reveal the secret to creating any type of carpentry in Revit!

We will show you closely the Creative Workshop’s carpentry modeling system, which is a quick and efficient method, as simple and intuitive as assembling a Lego.

You will see how it is possible to detail furniture in a customized way with just a few clicks, with different elements such as glasswork, various types of handles, slots, hinges, and cuts.

Class 4. August 4 at 8 PM (Brazilian time)

The Passport

The key to transforming hours of work into minutes.

In this class, we will go live to recap everything that was covered during this intense week of content and answer any questions that may have arisen along the way.

The best part is that we have prepared a raffle for this day, and only those who are live with us will be able to participate!

Secure your spot on the Journey:

For whom is the journey?

Architects, interior designers, engineers, students

The journey was designed for anyone working on interior projects or in the construction industry.

For those who have never opened Revit and Twinmotion

and want to see how these tools transform hours of work into minutes.

For those who already use one of these two software

for their architectural projects and want to start using BIM in their interior projects.

For those who already use the software to design interiors

and want to be faster and more efficient.

Discover the power of real-time rendering to transform hours of work into minutes.

The Creative Workshop and its creators.

Hello, this is Jessica and Marcos!

Here, we think of every detail to revolutionize the way we design so that the Oficina Criativa method teaches each student to transform hours of work into minutes. This way, they can accomplish in a few shifts what would take months with Revit + Twinmotion.

With each click, we bring an unparalleled combination of speed and efficiency, allowing everyone who engages with our methodology to unleash their creativity like never before and achieve precise results effortlessly.

We do this by providing a unique audiovisual experience, with all the didactics and expertise from a decade dedicated to our methodology’s continuous evolution and improvement, thus completely changing the way you acquire knowledge.

Between 2013 and early 2020, we had the honor of sharing our knowledge through 52 in-person classes. During this period, we discovered that the right method can transform individuals. By transforming individuals, the market will be transformed.

With this in mind, we invest our time and energy to always bring the best solutions so that you save more and more time on projects. After all, predicting possible pitfalls and indicating the best path is our job here.

Today, we are very proud to say that our Efficiency Map students are in 69 countries around the world. In addition to students, our learners include professionals and offices of small, medium, and large sizes, who design with creative freedom using the Efficiency Map method.

And if you’ve come this far, nice to meet you, we are Jessica Cisotto Busnello and Marcos Tadeu Pretto, the founders of the Creative Workshop. We are architects and urban planners who graduated from the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil, and we completed part of our studies at the Technical University of Lisbon in Portugal.

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